The Peace Pact : World Peace Starts with Individual Thought and Intent

 One of the biggest questions that has weighed on the minds of the greatest philosophers, and humanity at large, is if peace on earth is a viable possibility. Solutions have been provided by every civilization, yet we see the constancy of the historical wheel spinning back to acts of violence. The most peaceful South East Asian communities have always followed the practice of exercising a peaceful existence in their personal lives, in order to affect a change in the environment around us. When we choose to carry on a peaceful course of life, it immediately implies a harmonious existence with other aspects of the world we live in. Hence, we see monks carrying around brooms in order to avoid disturbing the lives of the insects they pass. While this might be an impractical measure to take in our fast paced world, it is up to you decide where your peace lies and if you want to live a life based on fear or love. Even tweaking our outlook to have micro-moments of peaceful thoughts is enough to affect a difference. Here are some ways you can practice the peace that you wish to see in the world.

Discover your own peace

Try and set aside ten minutes a day at a peaceful place, absolutely anywhere you find peace. Without inner peace, your mind tends to be in a constant dichotomous place of conflict. Trying to fill your life with possessions or improving yourself by social climbing without stopping to value your inner worth will leave you perpetually unhappy. All it takes is ten minutes, and you’ll discover your own ways of finding your inner peace.

Be Peaceful, Even in Your Smallest Gestures

A naturally peaceful person does resort to violence against another person or animal . While there is much violence in this world, make a choice to not let death and killing be a part of your philosophy of living. Even small acts of violence in our body gestures and speech can be something that we can look to change.

Practice Tolerance 

Tolerance in all your thoughts and actions will make a big difference in your life and in the lives of others around you. In our modern age, tolerance for others is about appreciating diversity, the plurality of modern society, and being willing to live and let others live too. It is when we disregard the better angels of nature that dehumanization and violence begins.


Sometimes, we tend to react to certain situations very instinctively. Very often, when someone hurts us, we tend to react aggressively or violently. Instead, if we just reflected at these moments, we could certainly find better solutions for our problems. Choose to respond peacefully, and our problems will wash away.

Bring intent to each moment. What you say or do in each situation can potentially create more peace, understanding, and love within a group of people. It’s truly the small acts that we let slip by thinking they don’t really count in the bigger context. Let’s think about that for a minute. If we become permissive or complacent about micro-agressions and self-destructive thoughts how will we  evolve  our consciousness to understand the roots of our larger  issues that result in violence and conflict? You, as an individual very much hold the power to large scale peace, remember that. Treasure it and start spreading peace today!